Advantages of Semi-bluffing

While it is something that everyone almost always associates with the game of poker, most have not heard of semi-bluffing and its potential gaming benefits. This simple poker bluffing strategy could potentially produce some exciting wins.

What Is It?

This is essentially a two-part poker bluffing strategy. Before considering it, individuals must consider the worth of their hands. This should only be attempted with a hand of cards that while not great, has an edge and at least a slight chance of winning. Lying outright would be betting on a poor hand in hopes that the other users fold. This tactic is similar, only the gambler is actually expecting to have a chance at winning the pot.

Use it To Gather Information

The idea can be used just like normal in that it can be used to glean information from the other players. When an opponent raises a bet, it is a good indicator that he or she has a good hand. Opponents with weak or borderline hands may check, call, or simply fold. Many users also have tells that are triggered by their response to these actions, including but not limited to body language, facial expressions and how they react the next part of the game.

Keep Them on Their Toes

The best part of a poker bluffing strategy is that a gambler can use it to mislead and confuse his or her opponents. Within the first couple rounds of betting, users will normally make some sort of determination as to what they think their opponents hand may be. By using the two-part method, people can make their opponents misread them entirely, giving the player a slight advantage.

Player Gets the Advantage

Gamblers, especially those in the last seat, can use this method to get a free card. While this isn't always a good thing because it can potentially turn a strong hand into a weak one, it could mean the difference between winning and losing.

They Don't

By using the strategy to claim the free card, the user effectively prevents his or her competition from doing the same. The more cards a player can get into active play, the higher the chance that he or she can build a truly fantastic winning hand, such as the infamously rare Royal Flush. All of these things can be used to the gambler's advantage and to the disadvantage of his or her opponents.

When to Try This Out

It can be used in any style of gaming, but the "almost" poker bluffing strategy is most effective in the final rounds of a no limit tournament game. At this point, tensions are high, a lot of money is on the line and people are easier to rattle. They become desperate for any bit of information and even disinformation is welcome until it is discovered. Just like the standard bluff, it can take some practice to know when and how to apply this method. You can use it when you practice online poker, and you should also maintain a straight face of your own!