Learn To Play Like Poker Pro Chris Moneymaker

Poker Pro Chris Moneymaker is most well-known for winning his entry into the WSOP main event through a satellite that cost $86. He then went on to win the main event. This was in 2003 and is what brought a lot of attention to the world of online poker and is credited of starting the boom of the game both online and off.

History In The Making

Poker pro Chris Moneymaker was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1975. He grew up Tennessee and he describes his childhood as being fun, safe, and from a very close family. He has a brother and a sister. Since the age of 12 he was encouraged to work, starting out mowing lawns and then flipping burgers. However, most of his free time was spent playing sports. He enjoyed competitive soccer, starting when he was 4. He traveled to play in the Holland Cup when he was 15. Wrestling was his second sport and he was on the varsity team all 4 years of high school. In addition, he played basketball and football recreationally in high school and when he was in college he started to golf. All of these sports fed his need to compete and to win.

Becoming A Pro

Chris was less interested in school work and maintained a B average without much effort. He went to the University of Tennessee to study accounting. While there he enjoyed a party lifestyle and his grades dropped. He did pull out of this and ended up focusing on his studies to make it into the master's program and eventually became an accountant. He later found work as a financial controller and played poker on the side. He entered a $39 satellite tournament that would lead him to another satellite tournament that offered the winner a WSOP package. He won both of these and then packed his bags for Vegas. At the tournament he outlasted 839 players and became the world champion of 2003.

After poker pro Chris Moneymaker won, he went back to work the following Monday and stayed at the job for about 9 months. During that time he came in 2nd at another large event and then decided that this was something he could work at full time. Since February of 2004, Moneymaker has played poker professionally. He travels around the world and participates in different tournaments. He also makes appearances at different casinos and many corporate events that are held throughout the country and the world.