What is Ivey Poker Training?

Ivey Poker is a fairly new site that launched in 2012, though there is not a lot of information available about it as of yet. The website appeared, but it does not allow a player to do anything other than register their interest. There is a large banner across the top of the page that claims it is a location for advanced poker training. There is also the company's acquisition of LeggoPoker that seems to indicate that this may be the case. Other than that, however, there is nothing but the rumors that the Ivey Poker training site is accumulating pros and using them to record hours of training video.

Will it be for Computer or Mobile?

At this point no one has a definitive answer, though the founder of LeggoPoker has hinted that there is an app in the works for release within the next few months. There is just a vague statement from the aforementioned founder, about how it will be "an app where you get play money, gold and stuff like that." Other than that, the company hasn't provided screenshots, reviews, or even a basic description, so players are left to wonder.

What will This App Entail?

Any guess at this point has a decent chance of being correct. With the vague statement from the LeggoPoker founder, it leads players to believe that it's going to be less of a poker training program and more of a social media based poker game. Move over, Zynga; you might have some new competition!

Will it be Worth the Time and Money?

If the training aspect has some practical application, then yes. The talent that is being recruited for the training videos is good, at least. But if the app is going to depend on play money like many of the social games, then any skills that a player could learn may not translate to real games. Learning these strategies without some risk isn't going to teach anyone anything.

What is the Overall Verdict?

Waiting to see is the best possible action at this point. Players can hope for the best, and hope that all this smoke and mirrors is hiding a truly phenomenal product. It is probably better not to get anyone's hopes up until the grand unveiling, though.