The Best Three Movies About Poker

In addition to its high popularity in real-world casinos there are a lot of movies about poker that are just as effective at spreading its popularity.


Although Rounders was not very popular on its release, its acclaim grew as poker become more popular. The film is directed by John Dahl, and stars Mat Damon and Edward Norton, and it about two friends under a very large debt that need to find large sums of money quickly. Their solution is to become rounders, people who travel from city to city to participate in underground, high stakes cash games. The film is very popular for having introduced viewers to the game on its release in 1998 by featuring exciting, intense matches with thousands of dollars on the line. Various professional players today have cited Rounders as the reason they began playing poker, for the way it successfully portrays the energy and tension that is always present during matches.

The Cincinnati Kid

Widely considered to be a classic by players, The Cincinnati Kid, released in 1965, is famous for the climactic hand between The Kid, a poker player trying to establish himself as the best, and The Man, who is widely considered to be the best. The movie was directed by Normal Jewison, and stars Steve McQueen as Eric "The Kid" Stoner, and Edward G. Robinson as Lancey "The Man" Howard. Throughout the movie are intense games that last for hours, culminating in the final rounds between Stoner and Howard. The drama is praised for its cast, production, and complexity that is still widely watched and appreciated today. It is still occasionally cited as being one of the best movies about poker that has ever been created.

A Big Hand for the Little Lady

A Big Hand for the Little Lady is a one of the movies about poker that centers around one high stakes game in Laredo. Meredith, a man passing through with his family, joins the match and stakes his entire family fortune on it before collapsing under the pressure the move puts on him. His wife, Mary, who knows nothing about what is going on, has to fill in and play in his place after it is determined that he is too ill to continue. The film was directed by Fielder Cook, and stars Henry Fonda as Meredith, and Joanne Woodward as Mary. The entire film focuses on the one match, made exciting by the enormous stakes imposed by Meredith, and the clever navigation through the game by his wife.