Get to Know Poker Tube

Poker Tube is an exciting website designed for people who love poker. Designed by two Swedish card fans, the site was born in 2006 and has grown quickly ever since. Every day, over 100,000 unique visitors frequent the website to access the world's biggest media hub of over 15,000 different poker videos for tips, tricks, and sports viewing.

Member Services

There is a good reason why the website has over 50,000 members who use its services. A re-development launch at the hands of PokerVIP has created a bold yet user-friendly interface that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as intuitive to use. Players can locate the videos they want to see easier than ever before, use the new forum to meet and interact with other users with like-minded interests, and make themselves at home.

Pro Player Series

One of the favorite user features of the website is the pro player series of games. Not only are there individual bios and information about each professional user, but there are also compilation videos of games featuring fast, adrenaline-pushing games from worldwide sources. Learn how to make a good bluff, how to win the biggest pot, and much more from users who make a living out of this intense game. Some favorite people featured on the website include Tatjana Pasalic, Vanessa Selbst, Jake Cody and many other familiar faces.


Various lively discussion are constantly in motion in the user forums, ranging from general game topics to strategies, tournaments, and live game moments. Meet up to talk about Poker Tube site benefits, different hands, or why you think a particular strategy works well or not with other card fans. There are even forums to discuss off-topic information to help users get to know one another and share non-poker information when applicable.

Instant Rewards

Members are also rewarded for their innovative ideas and dedication to Poker Tube with different incentive programs and opportunities. For new ideas that add to site improvement and functionality, members can receive $1000 to play upon their ideas being accepted. This reward can be applied to PaddyPower as well as StanJames for user enjoyment.

Even More Enjoyment

Different exclusive promotions are also available to members at any given time. There are promotions for package deals, rake races, tournaments, and even featured games to help users enjoy the site immediately.