The Poker Uniform

The professional poker uniform is becoming more and more popular in land based poker games, as well as some live online games that are played via webcam. Especially in land based casinos and tournaments, individuals are going to want people to remember them. Even if people do not remember the name of the person in question, there is a good chance that they will remember some distinctive bit of clothing or a colorful accessory that catches their eye. For gamblers who become really famous, that may even become their signature item.


Hats are easily recognizable and more importantly, easily marketable. Baseball caps, for example, can convey a sporty or youthful personality, where a cowboy hat could mean that the individual is a bit more rough and tumble. Of course, this is all pure speculation. People should remember that especially in televised tournament settings, those lights get hot after a while. Gamblers should be comfortable wearing hats for a long period of time.


These can be both a boon and a curse for the person wearing them. Many use sunglasses to hide their eyes, making it hard for people to read their moves. Others may wear them simply to block out some of the blinding lights. They can make it harder for the individual wearing them to read cues and tells in their opponents, though. Also, mirrored sunglasses carry the added risk giving of their opponents a good look at the cards in their hand every time they look down.


Headphones can play an integral role in any professional poker uniform, too. Players are of two minds when it comes to wearing headphones. Some prefer to wear them simply because they wish to listen to music while playing, while others believe that they interfere with the game, preventing the gamblers from hearing calls and announcements. Some tournament tables don't allow any sort of electronics at the table, so it may be impossible to use headphones.


This section is not limited to jerseys either, it could encompass any lucky piece of clothing that the poker master wears to give him or her perceived edge over the other competitors. Anyone who has ever played a hand of poker knows that lucky clothes don't make the game, skill does. It doesn't matter if the gambler is wearing a jersey signed by the President of the United States, if they have poor strategies; they are still going to lose.

People always try to give themselves a distinct look to set them apart from the other competitors in the eyes of the people watching. There are only two things that these players really need to remember. The first is to clear any crazy costumes or gadgets with the people running the tournament. When it comes down to it, they will have the final say in what is worn. The second, and probably more important, is to remember that whatever professional poker uniform is worn, it will be worn for four to five hours, so it should be comfortable.