Winning Tournament Poker

Poker tournaments, both online and in land based casinos, are popular both for players and for spectators. There are a number of tournament strategy tips that can be applied to each style that is available in any venue at all.

Sit and go

Sit and go tournaments, also known as SNG or more commonly "single table no limit" are among the most common and popular styles of competition, and can be found both in online and in land based settings. These often branch off into multi-table series' and in many cases are continued until a single winner walks away with everything.

Multi Table, No Limit

This is the kind of tournament that poker spectators most commonly see in events like the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. In spite of its popularity, most casual gamblers tend to avoid it because of the high probability of losing. It is also the only type of game where bluffing is not outright discouraged, but users are generally urged to keep it to a minimum.

Multi Table, Limit

This type of game usually gets the most traffic, simply because there are many tables being played simultaneously. People looking to get into these types of competitions are doing so because they don't wish to spend a lot of time waiting for a seat to open up. Prizes tend to vary depending on the number of people joined in at any given time, so a high traffic room could potentially offer very high pay outs for its winners.

Temptation for Bad Players

No limit games tend to bring in people that want to enjoy the same excitement that they see on the television. This leaves a lot of people without their bankroll and a whole lot of unclaimed money just floating in limbo. Online users get the benefit of free or cheap buy ins, where people in land based casinos could find themselves shelling out a hefty bit of cash to just join in the fun.

Limit for the Land Based

Gamblers who prefer to play in a land based setting should think about learning the rules to multi table limit rather than its no limit cousins. Almost all land based casino tournaments will be regulated with the limit game rules. It also attracts new users, simply because they have a higher chance of winning, at least compared to the odds presented by no-limit games.

No Limit for the Pay Off

For visitors who have a modicum of skill in the game, no limit competitors can potentially yield life-changing pay offs, especially in land based and televised tournaments. Many of those have very high prizes, and some even climb millions of dollars. Tournament strategy states, though, that individuals should practice poker and grow to a professional level before placing these types of buy-ins. Whatever type of event in which someone chooses to participate, there are always enough to go around and plenty of sites and casinos around the world willing to host them. Sticking to these tournament strategy tips can help individuals rake in more money, too.